We use natural and native organic ingredients for our facial treatments. We combine cleansing, exfoliation and deep hydration techniques for the health of your skin. - Sensitive Skin Treatments available - Anti-Aging Treatments available - Age Spot Treatments available
Improves the appearance of feet and nails. Be pampered and enjoy a relaxing experience while our specialist shapes and trims your nails to perfection. Apply a splash of color to make your treatment complete. Let your nails speak for themselves. 18.00 USD$

Let our specialist pamper and beautify your hands and nails.
Soothing and Beautifying hands are the main benefits but this treatment also works wonders on the mind and relaxation.
10.00 USD$

A pampering pedicure will soften, condition and nourish your nails and skin. Let our specialist remove dry skin, calluses, clip and shape your nails. Finish with a pretty splash of color to make your feet shine in tip top shape for sexy sandals.
10.00 USD$
Hot Rock Seaside Massage with One Massage Therapist: One hour massage using skillful technique of Hot Rocks combined with a deep tissue massage for relaxation and healing.
65.00 USD$

One Hour Seaside Massage with One Massage Therapist: One hour of total bliss and relaxation. Enjoy the Sea Breeze and gentle sounds of the Pacific Ocean while you de-stress and rejuvenate. 50.00 USD$